Ward XVI announced for Bloodstock 2021

Ward XVI announced for Bloodstock Open Air 2021

“The Inmates of Ward XVI have had a special bond with Bloodstock Open Air Festival ever since a very early Saturday morning performance in 2017 gained them notoriety throughout the underground community.
When the dust settled following the events of that morning, Psychoberrie’s eyes were widened by the scale of carnage that she had orchestrated, and became obsessively fixated on returning to the hallowed fields of Catton Park to finish what she had started all those years ago and to fulfil her sordid ambition of welcoming the fans of Bloodstock into her Asylum”.
“We’re ecstatic about returning to Bloodstock this year, after such a difficult year or so for everyone, to be part of an opening night which kick starts such an amazing party is a massive honour for us..in particularly as we have been booked on to the biggest stage that we will have played to date which is the Sophie Lancaster Stage (which also has great meaning to us as an alternative band and part of an alternative community that was hit so hard due by her tragic story).
To be invited back due to how positively our music and stage show has been received is a great acknowledgement of how hard we’ve worked over the last 4 years and hopefully the next step on our road to how we aspire to have our music experienced” – Doktor Von Stottenstein
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Metamorphosis Launch Gig update


Sadly, the krazy kats Footprints In The Custard can no longer be part of the night as they’d prefer a Lawnmower Deth over a Chainsaw Deth.

But do not fear inmates…The incredible South Of Salem have placed themselves into the custardy footprints left behind.

These guys have had an incredible year… in fact they released their album ‘The Sinner takes it all’ on the same day as us in 2020 and it too has gone down a storm.

This night will be an insane one with Pulverise and Psychic Illusions – Magic and Mind Reading completing the bill to make it an incredible night in which we will be playing Metamorphosis in it’s entirety- including full theatric show.

So please join us at Manchester Academy 3 on December 18th for a night to remember.

Get your Tickets here >> https://wardxvi.bandcamp.com/merch/album-launch-gig-ticket or via the Manchester Academy 3 website.



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Metamorphosis to be released on Vinyl to mark the first year anniversary

The inmates of Ward XVI have had a moment of clarity and have seen through their sedative induced haze and are plotting to release Metamorphosis on vinyl.

Scheduled for release in September 2021 to mark the 1-year anniversary of release, ‘Metamorphosis ’ will be available as a double LP in a black ink on white vinyl design-consistent with the Rorschach art concept, trifold sleeve and includes a bonus side consisting of 4 acoustic tracks taken from their Ep ‘Unplugged and Sedated’ and is available exclusively on preorder via www.wardxvi.bandcamp.com from Friday 2nd April-10th May and available in 3 purchase options;

1. Metamorphosis double LP
2. Metamorphosis double LP signed by the band
3. Metamorphosis double LP signed by the band and also includes an insanely limited and personalised lyric booklet with the song lyrics to all of the metamorphosis tracks hand written by Psychoberrie herself

Please note that this is a pre-order and order for this vinyl will not be dispatched until September 2021.

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Ward XVI release Unplugged and Sedated EP

Isolated from toilet roll hoarders, and other pandemic related mischief, the inmates of Ward XVI were blissfully unaware of the chaos ensuring outside Whittingham…that was until they planned to escape and bring Psychoberrie’s latest confessional to the masses, where they found out that
everyone else was isolating like they had been too.
This vexed the inmates greatly as their bloodlust and hunger for new inmates had reached boiling point.
To ward off further insanity, a couple of the inmates decided to break ranks and serenade you with 5 stripped down tracks to hypnotise and allure the unsuspected public, to ensure that they were lulled into a false sense of security believing that there was a new sensitive side to the inmate’s demeanour before all hell is unleashed and the Corridors of Whittingham Asylum’s Ward XVI is emptied.

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Ward XVI Release new Video for “the mind blowing” Closing track from ‘Metamorphosis’, ‘Shadows’

“This over the top album ends with the mind blowing ‘Shadows’. It has the pomp and majesty of A Night At The Proms performance. It’s an all consuming black hole to finish off a faultless piece of work. It ebbs and flows like a heavier ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ beginning with gentle vocals, strings and laid back snare work as it builds to a crescendo of almost operatic majesty with guest vocals by Russ Custard from Footprints In The Custard. The final minute is a cathartic wall of noise that eases to a shimmering calm.”
I want to tell the story of how the lyrics to this song came about. This was one of the songs that had sat there there longest without me putting any lyrics to it. I’d tried on several occasions and I just couldn’t do it justice. I had an intro, nothing more.

My great Nana fell ill with Pneumonia and I went with my sister to see her in hospital. Unfortunately she died whilst we were both at her bedside and I came out of there kind of not knowing how to feel. What I’d witnessed was both beautiful and horrible at the same time, everything seemed very still and calm following her death but there was also a huge part of me that was angry at the way she’d been treated.

At some point in the week that followed I played the demo and recorded the vocals in one take, a lot of it I made up on the spot. I then went back later and recorded another vocal layer. I must stress that these lyrics are completely fictional, in no way relevant to the events that happened a few days prior but the emotion that was present I knew I could never capture that again, which worried me because I had to re-record this in the studio.

We got the first set of mixes back for the album and I listened through what I’d recorded in the studio for this track and I immediately said I didn’t like the vocals, the demo was just perfect. There were imperfections on the demo, I had a cold for one, my home recording mic isn’t very good, but there was no way I could capture that emotion again and I hadn’t, so we took the new vocals out and dropped the demo vocals in so what you hear on this track are the actual vocals I recorded that day alone, at home.

These lyrics genuinely disturb me. If there’s one song that makes you understand why Psychoberrie became so evil it’s this one.

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Ward XVI Release Chilling New Video for their Second single ‘Mister Babadook’

Mister Babadook is the second single to be taken from Ward XVI’s forthcoming second album, ‘Metamorphosis’, which is released on the 25th September on Metal Rocka.

“The song centres around a young girl who is fighting to make rational the shadows that grow within the safety of her room. Each clap of thunder, creak of a floorboard or casting of a silhouette seems to develop its own sinister personality that threatens to engulf the sanctity and protection of an environment that should provide her with safety and peace. Could this be an ominous sign of darker things to come?

The video will have you checking under your bed at night and is as dark and every bit as scary as the monsters that lurk beneath.”

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