WARD XVI begin recording album 3 and release details of the supporting crowdfunding campaign.


The crowdfunding campaign will run from 8AM October 1st to October 29th.

This crowdfunding campaign will allow us to afford the costs of the recording/ production process, music videos and also the building and preparation of a whole new stage show.

“Why now?” we hear you scream!

Ward XVI have always self funded their art-whether that be music, stage show or videos, and have prided themselves on the quality and originality of it and what they delivered to you all.

Unfortunately with the increase of the cost of living, we are reaching out for a little assistance.

“What can I do? I’m not Jesus” we hear you cry..

We aim to do this in a unique way…we aren’t yet ready to provide the album to you as part of this funding campaign but we want you to become a ‘CERTIFIED INMATE’ which will provide you with exclusive rarities that no-one else will be able to get their grubby hands onto.

Becoming a Certified Inmate you will get insane perks like;

✔️Your own unique inmate number based upon the chronology of when you became an inmate (sorry.. I know everyone wants 13, 69 or 666 but it’s just not feasible to do it that way… this way will add kudos and exclusivity for you all In terms of being able to have a low number-we aim to potentially open this annually… plus being easy and fair to manage).

✔️A signed certificate of authenticity

Exclusive shirt and patch which are marked with your specific number.

✔️A personalised ‘thank you’ video of Psychoberrie and the inmates marking the garment with your personal number

✔️Your name in the sleeve art work of album Your mugshot will be displayed upon the inmate wall of Ward XVI’s website.

✔️Being an official inmate will also provide you with discounts and exclusive merch in future that will not be available to the general public.

But… this is not all…

We will also be offering special edition/ one off rewards, memorabilia, instruments, handmade inmate dolls and the chance of appearing in a future Ward XVI theatrical video.

“Help us Inmate Kenobi…. You’re our only hope.”


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