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Ward XVI announced for Bloodstock 2021

“The Inmates of Ward XVI have had a special bond with Bloodstock Open Air Festival ever since a very early Saturday morning performance in 2017 gained them notoriety throughout the underground community. When the dust settled following the events of that morning, Psychoberrie’s eyes were widened by the scale of...

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Metamorphosis Launch Gig update

ANNOUNCEMENT RE; WARD XVI METAMORPHOSIS LAUNCH GIG Sadly, the krazy kats Footprints In The Custard can no longer be part of the night as they’d prefer a Lawnmower Deth over a Chainsaw Deth. But do not fear inmates…The incredible South Of Salem have placed themselves into the custardy footprints left...

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End of year Honours (2020)

It’s been a crazy year, we’ve had to cancel album launches, Psychoberrie and the Doktor’s wedding and we didn’t get to tour the new album with the new ambitious show we had planned but on the plus side we’ve had some amazing feedback for the album, amazing support from our...

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